How to stop online gambling addiction

Some do gambling as a hobby. A pastime that is played at on a lazy afternoon, with a little bit of money, but not all gambling ends well for the player or the people around them. Due to the internet, serious gamblers have found a new outlet to their addiction, and it’s called online gambling.

Like any addiction, gambling starts slow and the player is rewarded with small cash prizes to keep them coming back. Before they know it they have lost more than they have won. People with gambling addictions are always chasing that dream of winning it big, and online gambling has made it easier than ever to achieve this disaster. With online gamblers who have gone too far, there are always signs, such as the following.

• Becoming distant and not wanting to leave the house: The gambler will start to do nothing but stay on the computer. They become more secretive at what they are doing. Serious online gamblers have one focus, and that is gambling. They begin to miss family functions, quit hanging out with friends. Will find every excuse possible not be involved in any activities other than being on the computer and playing.
• Calling in sick for work more often: They start to miss work more often, as they get deeper into the addiction. This is especially noticeable if someone who was a very dependable worker starts missing a lot of work. This can be a slow change, but overtime the online gambler will have an uncontrollable desire to gamble.
• Money starts to become an issue: The gambler will start to be more secretive about what they are doing with their money. It starts out as a simple mistake in bookkeeping, but eventually someone with a serious gambling problem never has enough money to recover from their losses. They are constantly juggling money situations to help provide money for their gambling.
• Either anger or depression sets in: Gamblers with an addiction have a tendency to be on a high when they are winning and very low when they are losing. There is never a middle ground when it comes to happiness. It is rare a gambler will talk about their losses, but they will talk excessively about their winning.
• Lying becomes the truth: The disease takes over and online gamblers will lie about everything from why they are at home instead of work, why the bank account is not balancing, or even why they are on the computer all the time. Like any other addiction, lying is the only way a person can keep in control of the thing they desire so much.
• Health changes: The online gambler is no longer leaving the house and getting exercise, or eating healthy. The stress from the worries of the gambling is taking a toll on their body.
• Gambling can lead to other crimes: Due to the gambler needs to recover his losses, other crimes can happen, such as selling items, forgery, stealing. To the gambler who has lost control, the urge to gamble outweighs everything else and will go to any means to get the money needed to play.

As the addiction grows, online gambling becomes a full time obsession and serious repercussions can happen, such as divorce, loss of property, even prison time. No matter what the loss, the worst is the breakdown of a family because of the gambling disease. Sometimes that is never recovered as the addiction takes over.

Most gamblers don’t attend to get hooked and think they will never lose control, but it’s very few that keeps it under control. A hobby turns into a full time job in a gambler’s mind. They think about gambling 24/7 and the obsession takes over. Some begin to see the problem and want to get help. With the help of others there can be success on getting out of the gambling addiction, which might include rehab facilities. There are things that can be done to help a serious gambler get over their obsession, if they want to be helped.

• Admitting there’s a problem is the first step: The gambler has to admit there’s a serious problem and wants to get the help needed to recover.
• Get rid of easy access to online gambling: This may include doing away with internet or totally getting rid of computers in the home. With no easy access to online access to gambling rooms the desire to gamble is taken away as time goes on.
• Joining a support group: There are support groups for the gambler and the family. Having the support of others going through the same situation can be helpful to achieve in success at overcoming the disease.
• Going to a rehab facility: It may be necessary that the gambler go to a facility that offers 24 hour support for their addiction. Rehab facilities not only focus on the gambling, but will also focus on all addictions such as smoking, overeating and so forth.

There can be life after having an online gambling addiction, but the gambler and the people around him have to be honest and know that there is a problem. It takes work to recover from any addiction. Since online gambling involves money, it’s harder to return back to a normal lifestyle, if you have not only damaged your life but others around you.

The main thing from recovering from an addiction is not to go where it is. Due to the internet being used for just about every aspect of our lives these days, the online gambler that is trying to recover needs to stay focused on what they want to achieve, which means staying away from any kind of gambling that could possibly encourage the addiction to return.

Online gambling can be a hobby for some, but for a high percentage that hobby can turn into a life changing event. If the disease takes over than it not only causes harm to the gambler, but also to family and friends. Online gambling is not worth chasing the dream. The risk of overall loss is higher than the payout.