Who is WMS?

For those who love playing money games then WMS Gaming is the best gambling partner. WMS Gaming is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of gaming equipment. It makes slot machines, video lottery terminals and gaming software. This gaming software is used by casinos to run games and operations. WMS Gaming also has its own online and mobile casino games.

WMS Gaming is based in Chicago, Illinois. In 2013, it became a fully owned subsidiary of Scientific Games Corporation. This company started venturing in casino business in 1994. WMS Gaming acquired licenses to start manufacturing gaming machines and started its operations. Now this company majors in selling gaming machines to the casino and running an online gaming platform.

This company offers WMS platforms that are used in building some of the best games you have ever played. This platform is the best of its kind in the market as it supports the use of the latest gaming technology. This platform is made up of the best state of the art EDGE elements. The operating system used by WMS Gaming is one of a kind. This system has been made for the best at it is equipped with extensive capabilities. The number one sound system manufacturer, BOSE®, are responsible for audio systems found in this machines. The gaming cabinets are ergonomically fashionable and sleek. You will find it comfortably easy to play the games on this cabinets. They offer the best designer cabinets.

WMS Gaming is the pioneers of the new gaming machines. These new machines are more automatic which high levels of creativity in their general designs. They company is responsible for the extinction generic mechanical slot machines and now offer new machines that are changing the casino world.

WMS Gaming represents a new age in the casino and online gaming. They are always on the edge of emerging trends. You can evidently see this in their product designs. Their products represent the future of gaming as it places a lot of emphasis on changing demographics in the industry. You will experience a gaming time like you have never seen before. These games offer both mental and physical challenges to the player. You can have your game audios in surround sound as you view a flat-panel LCD display screens that provide high-end animated, full-color images.

WMS Gaming introduced the G+ series of video reel slots. This is a Community Gaming family that has interconnected gaming slots. G+ series also has mechanical reels, poker games, and video lottery terminals that increase your gaming variety and options.
WMS Gaming laughed mobile games in 2012. This was a retaliation move to the increased reduction in casino markets. My Poker video poker games were also introduced to the casino arena to win back gamers with some new and exciting game. All this moves were to increase this company’s customer base and boost its revenues. Some of the technology in used by this company include:

i. Video Animation.
This technology is based on a CPU-NXT2 operating platform that focuses on video animation. These animations are repeatedly displayed to create an interaction with mechanical reels.

ii. Operating platforms.
WMS Gaming is the master of gaming operating systems. It is responsible for the amazingly high power CPU-NXT2 operating platform. This platform uses an Intel Pentium IV processor that has 2 gigabytes of random access memory, ATI 3-D graphics chip-set and a 40-gigabyte hard disk drive. The best operating system at the moment is the CPU-NXT3 operating platform that was launched in 2012. This is the operating system that is being used in the new release cabinets.

iii. Cabinets.
The flag ship gaming cabinet in for WMS Gaming is the Bluebird 2 gaming cabinet that was launched in 2008. This cabinet is a wonderful gaming machine as it has a dual 22-inch LCD wide screen that offers quality high-definition displays. It also has Bose speakers for surround sound and an illuminated printer and bill acceptor. This cabinet marked the beginning of a new era of gaming cabinets. The Blade and Gamefield xD cabinets followed Bluebird 2 footprints and also had major improvements. They were launched in 2013.

The United States has the biggest customer base of WMS Gaming products. It also gives the largest revenues to this company as an estimated 70% of all WMS’s revenues come from the United States. It also has offices and a manufacturing plant in Waukegan, Illinois. Other sales and distribution facilities are found in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom. The headquarters for online games department are in Belgium. WMS Gaming is now an international company. You will find its products all over the world.

As a gamer, WMS offers you the best games and gaming facilities that you can ever find. You can be sure to find something different that will amuse you in all of their games. WMS Gaming has a trademark culture that always keeps the at the tip of innovation. Even by if you are new to gaming and casinos you will notice a big difference in the games and gaming products from them. They always try to bring something new to the gaming market. Their games offer a very superb and interactive angle with the player. This games always have high-energy slots that offer specialized features that will excite you as play. You are guaranteed of gaming experience like no other, full of endless fun and enjoyment throughout your gaming session. You will have a chance to play with revolutionary free spins generators, bonus rounds triggers and on top of it all Wide Area Progressive jackpot. Just believe that you can win and play this jackpot, because you can win and be one of the Big Winners.

There are standards that gaming equipment should meet. WMS Gaming cabinets meet all of this requirements and even go above them. Their gaming cabinets are very comfortable and easy to use even for a new gambler. They are also intuitive and easy to fix. These cabinets are also adaptable, upgradeable, reliable in gaming. If you buy one of these cabinets, you can be sure to use it for a long time. This is because you can easily update the operating system to newly released versions. The general design is also one that you won’t need to change anytime soon. Even as new innovations are incorporated into the gaming world, your cabinet will always be at the top of this innovations.

Try the cabinets with the 2013 operating systems mounted on CPU-NXT 3 processor and discover a whole new world of gaming that you have been missing out on. The CPU-NXT3 processor is something that will amuse you. It has a processing power that equals six combined CPU-NXT2 processors. Now you can guess how it performs. Imagine your favorite game being six times better. It also has ATI® Next Generation 2D/3D graphics that offer better animations in your game. This makes your games look more realistic and better.

This makes you play and enjoys your games. A new processor is being developed in partnership with Intel®. This processor will have the latest computing technology and a great processing abilities that have not been witnessed in the gaming industry before. It will also have the latest ATI 3-D technology and improved memory for high-quality images. This 3-D technology will make playing games on WMS gaming cabinets be like watching a 3-D movie in the cinema.

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