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Among many companies who offer online gaming content, platforms, and support, NYX Gaming Group has distinguished itself as a renowned leader in the industry. Its headquarters are in Las Vegas, but its influence extends into the international market. With offices in Europe, Austrailia and North America, NYX services 170 customers and provides over 650 different games. From slots, poker, table games and much more, NYX offers a diverse range of products, technology and services to its clients. Consumers have the option of either playing one of the unique games in NYX’s diverse library of titles, or engaging in products from their partners, including Aristocrat, Amaya, and Elk.

Founded in 1999, NYX gaming quickly gained notoriety on a global scale. Current CEO Matt Davey has been the director of the company since 2010. Under his direction, NYX Gaming Group earned the RNG Casino Supplier of the Year award in 2013. The company has also received the Special Achievement Award from EGR (eGaming Review) in recognition of its continued innovation and growth. NYX is a regular at the top trade shows around the world (such as Power Summit), and is used among some of the largest lotteries (i.e. World Lottery Association).

NYX Gaming Group utilizes NextGen Gaming, which, since its inception in 1999, has risen to the top of the list of independent suppliers of online games. From start to finish, NextGen handles all the elements of creating, marketing and delivering games to clients. But it doesn’t stop there: NextGen also has a Software Integration team. After a game has been out for a while, the team is able to edit and enhance the experience with new features. Thus NextGen stays relevant in the industry and is capable of building long lasting relationships with consumers.

Then there is NYX Interactive: Bingo Casino Lottery Platform, launched in 2006. Approved for use in the Isle of Man Gaming Supervisory Comission, Maltese Lottery and Gaming Authority, World Lottery Association, Swedish lottery Inspection standards, and French lottery inspections standards, NYX interactive provides power and services to the largest European businesses.
In 2004 NYX introduced its Social Gaming. In this day and age, there are some consumers who simply do not see the appeal in the traditional land based casino. Instead of accepting the loss of those customer, the Social Gaming aspect of NYX offers the same thrill of casino games from the ease and comfort of a mobile or remote setting. The effort has not been lost on fans of NYX Gamming, as the move to a mobile setting has strengthened customer loyalty and open the doors for a much larger wave of players.

The NYX OGS Open Gaming System is one of the flexible delivery systems advertised by the company. It provides a long list of options for mobile and standard games. Each month the system is updated with the newest games, which gaurentees the best titles will always be available at no extra cost or effort.

Another innovation created by NYX is the Open Platform System (also known as NYXOPS). They reason that, because gaming laws and restrictions can change quickly and can vary drastically from place to place, in order to thrive in the industry there needs to be some level of adaptability and flexibility that comes with an operator’s gaming platform. Thus the Open Platform System is designed to allow a customer to set up a platform in whichever jurisdiction they are licensed. They can then operate this platform under the regulations of that territory as a separate entity. Lacking any proprietary systems, the customer has more freedom to change their platform in accordance to the changes in gaming laws. This system can be used in both the public and private sectors.

NYX also develops its own games and holds a number of trademarks and patents for its content. When creating content, NYX Gaming Group follows three tenets: attract, entertain and retain. NYX is dedicated not just to games that look good, but ones that provide a quality experiences and result in repeat plays by its consumers. Not content to settle there, NYX has also built up the social sharing feature of its products, known as the MOVE Mobile Gaming System. With the ability to play these games on mobile devices, offering them on platforms such as Facebook, and operating in real money worldwide, NYX creates a network that expands the market for online gaming.

Recent news tells of NYX’s continued advances and expanse throughout the world. In Italy, NYX has acquired Game360 as a platform to deliver content and games throughout the country. On Janury 5, 2016 NYX announced the release of Betpoint in conjunction with Game360. Game360 users already enjoy the vast listings found with NYX systems, but now have access to even more through this new package. It is a success for NYX on a global scale and for their subsidiary Game360 company.

Back in December of 2015, NYX hosted a week long, 22 game poker tournament with overall prizes totaling €180,000. That same month, the company also launched its latest SUPERBET™ slot game, Spin Sorceress. Coming soon is another game based on the famous actor James Dean. It has also announced its partnership with another large and reputable gaming company, 888 Holdings Public Limited Company. NYX will now be supplying content to casinos and bongos that are partnered with 888, bringing its content to an even wider and more diverse audience. According to the CEO, NYX looks forward to releasing even more games and technologies in the near future. With their dedication to quality games, enhanced user experience, social connectivity and constant innovations, it is no surprise that NYX remains a leader in online gaming.

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