Who is Microgaming?

Microgaming is the champion of the world’s first ever online casino that came in place in the year 1994. Since the introduction of online gaming, it has gone through a tremendous improvement and Microgaming is focused on making it better each day. Microgaming is the leading developers of the world’s gaming software. Among the products developed by the online gaming providers include, Land-based, Sportsbook, Bingo, Poker, Casino, Multiplayer, Mobile among others. Microgaming is known for coming up with over 800 exclusive Casino Games with more than 1,200 variants. The online gaming developers keep on updating their software on a regular basis through the release of popular titles each month. The content published by Microgaming is licensed.

Modus operandi of Microgaming success

The industry is made up of highly experienced and creative staff who are good at what they do. Boosted by the vast experience and state-of-the-art technology, products at Microgaming are the best of the time. The much-advanced technology used at Microgaming has enabled the industry to come up with award winning games and software. The industry has built its products in different languages that include NET, C++, Adobe Flash, HTML5, and Java. The platforms served by the products created at Microgaming include MAC, Windows, iOS, and Android. Players get the opportunity to experience a lifetime gaming built using latest technologies. The gaming has been tailored for every type of player. High-spec machines and high-speed broadband connections can be used to play the most recent games by using the optimal settings while low-spec machines with low-speed connections can be used to play the games at an industrial output. Players are in a position to get a lifetime gaming experience despite the type of hardware they use or the speed of their connection.

NET has been built in a way that makes it vigorous, reputable and resilient. It has been made using the recent versions of Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft. The software has been made compatible with Windows and MAC, and it gives players an interactive gaming experience. The download system provided by Microgaming relieves players from the task of installing a support framework. Players are only required to down a single piece of the software and from there they are ready to go.

The industry has been known to use Random Number Generator (RNG) for decades. RNG is legit and has been accredited by testing agencies. The facility provides players with a secure gaming experience by keeping the system safe from attacks. The infrastructure is highly convenient and reliable as it can handle plenty of logins and large-scale promotions without problems.

External players have a chance of integrating their account system with Microgaming’s gaming catalog. By use of Quickfire platform, players acquire a quick access to games offers by Microgaming without much hassle. The industry has an extremely talented team that is focused on developing high quality and authentic gaming experience for players. Players get the chance to play at their convenience whenever and wherever they want.

Products found at Microgaming

Microgaming has built quality products from which a lot of people have benefited. The industry has won plenty of awards courtesy of its breath-taking online products. Microgaming has emerged as leaders in the online gaming industries. Some of the products developed by Microgaming are discussed below:
• Quickfire; the infrastructure provides players with access to the best online gaming content found on desktop and mobile. The product has been built to provide players with a seamless integration and a quick deployment and is supported by a dedicated team that keeps it updated all the time. Players only require a single installation to gain access to a range of games including poker and bingo. The product undergoes updating monthly, and it also hosts the largest progressive jackpot in the world.

• Casino; Microgaming hosts the most common names like Hellboy and Jurassic world. Portfolio and the Casino Games offered at Microgaming are highly diverse in nature. The content found at Microgaming is legit and licensed by the relevant authority bodies.

• Multi-player; this product has bridged technologies and platforms allowing players compete for side by side in some tournaments and selected games.

• Sports book; it was founded in the year 2006. Players are given the opportunity to have betting experience from across the globe. A variety of bets are a supported including U.S bets, exotics, and all the particular U.K. Multiple odds format, live streaming, and complete statistical analysis are also supported. The sports activities that are covered include football, tennis and horse racing among other regulars. Other special events being supported include T.V, politics, and chess among others. In-play betting and pre-match options are offered players with much excitement. The product has been made available in a variety of languages and currencies both on desktop and mobile. It has compatibility with popular devices and operating systems.

• Land-based; this software has been built to deliver cloud-based gaming solutions using a server-based platform. Player all over the world has access to this platform. The land-based platform is highly flexible enabling players to deploy quickly and manage single- or multiple venue installations without much difficulty.

• Business solution; the product has been built to allow clients to gain more income and efficient. The operators are given the ability to be in-charge of aspects such as player support, business intelligence and marketing and incentives.

• Poker; one of the most popular networks developed by Microgaming is MPN that was established in March 2003. Players can use the system to access regular promotions and plenty of casinos in poker side games. Prominent poker variants are offered by Microgaming giving them an enormous success. The format used in tournaments includes bounty, head-ups, and freeroll.

• Mobile; Microgaming has been developing games that are compatible with mobile devices since the year 2004. The mobile portfolio offered by Microgaming is the most popular in the market. The award-winning games are available in a variety of languages, and they have been made compatible with Quickfire and Business Solutions. The innovations compiled with the monthly updates have made the Microgaming mobile a big thing in the market. Two types of mobile platforms are supported; these include online and download. The online mobile platform does not require any download thus players using the hand device have a rapid access to the best games. The download mobile platform is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.

• Bingo; the casino-in-Bingo (CiS) side games feature exclusive and very common games. The product also has an integrated chat facility that gives players a whole new Players are also offered the chance to walk away with a range of prizes they wish for across desktop and mobile devices. The software set a record in 2012 when it was able to generate a record of the largest jackpot win in the online bingo history.

• Live Dealer; some of the powerful features included in this software include a High –definition video streaming, a multi-language support together with a multi-window games. Players that find fun in games such as baccarat, roulette, and blackjack have all reasons to use the Live Dealer software. The software has recorded seven years in business, with over 20 operational tables. The product can be played on a desktop and a mobile device without any inconveniences.

The microgaming industry uses a range of services to support their product and platforms. The services include marketing tools, risk and software management and payment services.