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Engage your visitors by displaying common card games like Solitaire, Hearts, Freecell & Klondike to your Wordpress CMS.

Use the following shortcodes [] to add the games anywhere on your website.

+50 more card games!

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Gain Website Traffic With Card Game Plugins

Having a successful website is all about improving interaction with your visitors. You want to make it a desirable place for clients, customers or readers to simply hang out. Now, depending on the material you place on your website, this might be easier said than done. Many websites do not have regular updates or other material posted, which means individuals do not have a reason to come back on a regular basis. So, what in the world are you suppose to do? Well, there are a few different options available to you, but if you build your own website using WordPress, you can take advantage of a card game WordPress plugin. This way, people will come to your website, play around on the page and take part in your games. This way, it is possible for you to have constant individuals coming to your page. It doesn’t matter if you sell goods or if you make money off of advertisements, this is the way for you to make money and to boost your interactions.

How the Plugin Works

If you have designed your website using WordPress, you know the service is all about plugins. WordPress makes it easy for you to add additional content with the aid of all sorts of plugins. Maybe you want to monitor the demographics of your website. You can do that with a plugin. Perhaps you want to change the look, include social media content or build your blog so it connects with other pages around the Internet? Not a problem, as you can do this with the aid of a plugin. Well, the card game plugin is just another benefit of using WordPress. This instantly turns your website into a fun destination. There are many different card games you can select from. Maybe you want to go with the old fashion solitaire. On the other hand, maybe blackjack is more of your thing, poker or really any assortment of games. These are not pay to use games and all of the material is simply designed to spur repeat visits and client interactions. The plugin works just like any other plugin too. All you need to do is copy the code and paste it into your WordPress code editing input. Once saved, the card game is going to appear on the website in the area you selected.

Why Should You Use the WordPress Input?

So why exactly should you go about using the WordPress plugin? Well, there are a few different benefits. First, it is going to drive some traffic to your page. The longer someone is on your page and the more often they visit, the higher the chance you are going to make a sale. Plus, there are going to be individuals who are blocked out of gaming website on their work computers or at school. They might want to play a game somewhere and you are the one who provides this service. This means they are not only going to play the game on your page but they are going to tell other individuals about your page, which means these other individuals are going to return to your page and partake in the game as well.

So what happens if these individuals come to your page but only play the game and they don’t actually buy anything. Is it really worth it at all? Well yes, it is still worth it. They might not be directly contributing to financial success and gains but they are indirectly assisting you. There are a few different ways to bring in advertising dollars to your website. First, you are able to make money for every single time someone clicks on your page advertisement. The problem with this is the individuals who are going to your website are not going to be clicking on the ads (most likely). However, there are other ways to make money off of ads placed on your page. Some companies are likely to pay you for the right to have an ad banner or other advertisements on your page on a continual basis. They just want to know you have a large number of visitors to your website and the visitors remain on the page for a long period of time. With the WordPress card playing plugin, this pushes up both of these elements significantly. You can show the potential advertiser your visitor numbers. This is going to look impressive as you’ll have a great bounce rate and the length of time visitors remain on your page may skyrocket to several minutes instead of just a few seconds. This in turn can help land you extensive advertising options placed on your website. With this kind of benefit it really does help boost your revenue dollars, all while using a free plugin for the WordPress theme.

It Doesn’t Take Long

It doesn’t take long to implement the WordPress card game plugin into your website. In fact, you can have it up and running in just a few minutes. The plugin isn’t a large amount of information so it is not going to slow down your page at all. That really is the only reason why you should ever consider not using a particular plugin. Loading time can be affected and drop your search engine ranking, which is not what you want to do and it would backfire. With the small size of this plugin, it is not going to be an issue. You just need to decide on what kind of games you want to offer.

When you copy the plugin code you need to go into your WordPress editor and select the portion of where you wish the game to be located. It is easily placed in the footer of your website. You can just click on this area of your code editor and paste the code into it. Once you save and apply the changes, the new game will appear on the website.

So what page should you place it on for your website? Well, that really depends on what kind of website you have. If you have a blog and only one page, well it is rather easy where you are going to put it. However, you’ll want your blog to have multiple pages. You still want someone to read the latest content and if someone has to scroll all the way down to the end of a page with a hundred blog posts on it the game isn’t going to help much. Due to this, if this is the format of blog you have, change it so only a few blog posts load on a page and the rest are saved on back packages. If you have a more traditional website you should put it on a page where people are going to frequent. You can place it on the front page or you can place it on another page where someone is going to visit but it might not have much information. Perhaps you host a podcast and the only content on the page are “Play” options for your podcast. Well, when this is the case, it is a perfect spot for the card game plugin.